Elise Frances Miller
  1060s, 1968, Berkeley, Paris 1968,  A Time to Cast Away Stones May Revolution, historical novel

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“My People's Park” was Second Place winner of The Times They Were A'Changin': Women Remember the 60s and 70s” memoir writing contest. Look for the story in an anthology of memoirs coming from She Writes Press in August, 2013.

A Time to Cast Away Stones was selected out of hundreds of submissions in General Fiction for Honorable Mention in each of these competitions:
San Francisco Literary Festival
Los Angeles Literary Festival
Great Northwest Literary Festival

Southern California Literary Festival

Selected for presentation and/or excerpts in:

o Dragon My Feet

J – Jewish News Weekly 
First Edition/Prose

o Midwestern Review
  1060s, 1968, Berkeley, Paris 1968



n A Time to Cast Away Stones, Elise Frances Miller catapults the late 1960s beyond media stereotypes that have inflamed opinions of the era for decades. This powerful novel tells the story of Janet Magill, a shy, straight-arrow Berkeley freshman with compelling reasons to join the antiwar movement. Janet’s brother has been shipped off to Vietnam, and Aaron Becker, her childhood sweetheart, might well be next. When Janet’s parents banish her from Berkeley to what they expect will be a safe, idyllic springtime in Paris, she runs headlong into the 1968 May Revolution and along the way, falls in love with a secretive Czech dissident.   1060s, 1968, Berkeley, Paris 1968

The story brings to life the historical “Events of May,” in which over ten million French citizens were involved in the only student-worker-bourgeois alliance and true “revolution” that a Western, capitalist democracy had ever experienced. Far from the distant and haunting City of Light, Aaron makes plans to evade the draft and join Janet, then follows her  journey through an intense and embattled correspondence. He witnesses the wrenching, transforming exploration of Janet's capacity for love, responsibility and sacrifice, then loses contact as her "safe" year abroad turns into a dangerous coming of age. May Revolution, historical novel

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